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All submissions must be sent by registered Newegg.com users. To submit images to our website, please send no more than a total of 10 pictures to casemod@newegg.com. If you have a series of images that exceeds 10MB, please send all images and other descriptions on a compact disc to:

Case Mod Contest
11708 Rowland St.
City of Industry, CA, 91748


  • All images must be sent to Newegg via mail, or e-mail. All images must show computer clearly. Submitters are suggested to take “Good Quality” images, either 3-quarter turn shots or front-on if applicable. Accepted image formats: GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Suggested image size: 400x300, 300k, 72 dpi. Please limit image submissions to 10 images.
  • Cases that light up should be photographed both in darkness and light.
  • Internal component arrangement should be revealed in some way. If possible please explain in detail about all components including item name and # if purchased through Newegg.com or if available on our website.
  • Please describe the project in detail. Keep in mind that your wording will be monitored and or revised for content and size. Describe your case mod in detail and what’s inside of it. Please describe the building process and include images of the construction. For competition purposes, the design and construction phase of your case mod will only be featured if you place in the top 3 positions, otherwise only your finished case mod will be presented. Reveal why you made the design, and what it means to you. Please give a brief bio of yourself, and your interests.
  • Each case should have a name and location of entrant, City and State if applicable.
  • Each case should have a maker. Pseudonyms are acceptable. Real names must be revealed to Newegg for prize considerations. Contestants must be registered with Newegg.com.


All case mods eligible for contention must be submitted by the third week of every month. Contest timelines are as follows:

  • Contest begins on 1st day of the month.
  • Contest extends 3 weeks until cut-off. All submissions must be received by Newegg on or before the 25th of every month.
  • After cut-off, panel(s) will judge Case-Mods for 4-5 days, so case mod winner can be selected and chosen by the month’s end. Winner will be posted on the site by the month’s end to coincide with the last newsletter of that month. Newegg will then post a special announcement for “Case-Mod winner of the Month” on the Case-Mod contest page.
  • Judges will be a mix of Newegg employees and a special panel of celebrity judges.
  • Held over submissions received after the cut-off date will be considered for the following month’s contest.


  • 1st place prize winner receives a $500.00 gift certificate to Newegg.com.
  • 2nd place prize winner receives a $400.00 gift certificate to Newegg.com.
  • 3rd place prize winner receives a $300.00 gift certificate to Newegg.com.
  • CaseMod
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