QNAP Turbo Station TS-101 Honored
Best Choice of Computex Taipei 2006 Award

The leading NAS producer in Taiwan, QNAP Systems, Inc., has recently received the honor "Best Choice of Computex Taipei 2006 Award" for the hottest NAS model TS-101 9-in-1 NAS Server. TS-101 pioneers in integrating the functions of triple data backup protection, multimedia sharing and application in one single drive. The software and hardware of the server is secure, reliable, expandable, power-saving, efficient, artistic, and convenient to use. It is a high quality product dedicated to personal, home and SOHO users. TS-101 is the only NAS server that wins Best Choice Award this year.

The awarded QNAP TS-101 is a multimedia server with professional software and hardware design to provide complete NAS functions for personal, home and SOHO users. It supports up to 750GB SATA drive and can extend the storage capacity to 1.5TB or above by connecting to external USB/eSATA drive. The simple and intuitive web management interface enables easy and collective management as well as file sharing. The fanless design and hard drive sleep mode are especially developed for providing users a quiet and relaxing working environment. TS-101 is built-in with multimedia station, BT download station, personal web server, printer server, and triple backup mechanism to provide instant backup to offer functions like Q-RAID 1 drive, highly efficient remote replication, disaster recovery etc.

In addition to various functions, TS-101 breaks through the general perception of applications of NAS. QNAP develops exclusive intelligent Q-RAID 1 function for additional data protection. It is the only single-drive NAS with block level remote replication, only advanced single SATA drive NAS with fanless design, only home NAS integrating BT download, multimedia station, printer server, and web server functions etc. TS-101 is definitely an unbeatable and value-plus choice for all users!

Main Features of TS-101:

  • Multi-language web management interface, easy-to-operate and simple configuration
  • Supports high speed SATA I / II disk of extra large storage capacity, up to 750GB
  • Excellent heat release design, no system fan and hard disk standby mode for absolute quietness
  • 3 high speed USB 2.0 (480Mbps) ports for connection by USB devices, e.g. external hard disk, digital camera, thumb drive, card reader and sharing printer
  • Super convenient one touch auto USB copy of digital photos/ MP3 independent of PC
  • eSATA port for external storage device and instant expansion of storage capacity
  • Broad bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet and Jumbo Frame network setting supported for speedy data transfer
  • Supports PHP+SQLite and port setting in Web Server
  • Supports Windows & MAC OS for uninterrupted cross-platform communication
  • Provides Triple Backup Mechanisms:
    • PC backup to TS-101 (Client-side data backup)Ал Windows users can use the powerful backup software NetBak Replicator to backup data on PC or notebook to TS-101 instantly or by schedule.
    • TS-101 backup to external HDD (Hard disk instant backup)Ал Unique QNAP Q-RAID 1 mirroring technology to connect external USB / eSATA disk for instant backup of TS-101 data.
    • TS-101 to other QNAP NAS backup (Remote replication)Ал Built-in professional block-level remote replication for TS-101 to back up data on TS-101 to another NAS instantly or by schedule.

QNAP Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing Internet appliances for more than 4 years. With our own research & design, sales, and technical support teams, QNAP concentrates on research and development, and sales of IA products, covering three major product lines: networking storage, surveillance system and message communication. To meet the demand of SOHO and SMB users, QNAP has successfully released more than 20 network storage appliances and provided OEM service. The design, production, and provision of QNAP network appliances have all passed ISO 9001 standard. With the reliable foundation and successful experience, QNAP will continuously provide innovative products with the highest quality and the complete service for all customers, in order to be the best partner of enterprises to found e-business.

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